Mission & Vision ( Great Lakes Ringette League)

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The purpose of the league is to provide A and AA competition on an organized basis in the Southern and Western Ringette Associations. The governing body of CORL consists one executive officer and one voting member from each on the Associations. While functioning as an autonomous organization, each member votes under the direction and approval of his or her Association, thus ensuring that CORL reflects the interests and need of all the Ringette centers involved. CORL does not have membership status under ORA, but operates under ORA rules and philosophies.


The object of CORL shall be to promote and safeguard the sport of Ringette within the Province of Ontario. Ringette provides the atmosphere in which our athletes of today learn how to think, react, and respond to the challenge of tomorrow; a game where they can acquire an understanding of discipline and a respect for the rights and privileges of others. This fast expanding sport encourages the highest degree of sportsmanship, teaches skills, and promotes the need for esprit de corps.

Within this environment a sense of loyalty, obedience, good judgment, and integrity is expanded. In the non-body sport, the athletes obtain a feeling of accomplishment that comes from skillful skating and passing. It affords them exhilarating, challenging, spirited, and action-packed fun.

Provides an opportunity and extends an invitation to all athletes to participate and achieve the value that we all enjoy - the ability to contribute.

To foster and improve amateur organized Ringette at the All Star (representative) level, in accordance with the standards and under the rules prescribed by the CORL
To provide member Associations competition at all levels, giving due consideration to the individual Associations’ capabilities, availability of facilities, and travel distance.
To maintain and increase the participation of CORL members in tournaments run by member Associations.
To exercise a general supervision and direction over the playing interest of its players, coaches, officials, managers, and executive with the emphasis on the enhancement of sportsmanship, excellence of team play, character and citizenship.
To abide by the rule book of Ringette Canada as adopted by O.R.A. and the CORL rules.

Updated May 2017


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